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The Festival

Carniarmonie is the international music festival of the Friulian mountains.


Every year, it involves more than 25 Friuli Venezia Giulia municipalities and hundreds of artists to offer thrilling concerts to locals and fans in the most evocative mountain locations.


From the emblematic, historic parish churches to very old ones full of artistic gems, to the magnificent panoramas of our mountain. These are enchanting places where history, tradition, nature, and music meet.


Carniarmonie presents a calendar that ranges from classical chamber and symphonic music, to jazz, to modern blends, to light opera.

The stars are the local, international and, above all, Italian musicians, closing summer days in the regional Alpine area.

Laura D'Orlando

Vice-Mayor and Assessor for Culture Tolmezzo Municipality

Once again, Carniarmonie, now in its 32nd edition, succeeds in the small miracle of connecting so many Friulian mountain administrations through music, a universal language that unites thanks to its intrinsic harmony. Tolmezzo, a municipality that has led the festival since its inception, makes itself available to the entire territory to offer a varied and high-profile cultural offer in full continuity with the cultural programming of the councillorship, which increasingly believes that "fa di besoi" (do it by yourself) leads nowhere. An opportunity, therefore, to discover our beautiful mountains while listening to excellent music and tasting a myriad of products of which our land is rich. We look forward to seeing you.

Giuseppe Morandini

President of the Fondazione Friuli

Carniarmonie reinforces a winning trinomial between music, territory and community, capable of bringing music of great quality to the inhabitants of the many villages involved and to guests, in enchanted and often unknown places, but with great potential also for tourism. This year, the initiative is enriched with the After Mass proposal, which stems from the idea of organising a musical moment at the end of the Eucharistic celebration, which represents an opportunity for meeting and community sharing, especially for the elderly. This is also a splendid opportunity to make the notes of the organs of Carnia - which belong to the most ancient tradition of this land - resound. My heartfelt thanks go to Fondazione Luigi Bon, the municipalities involved, the parishes and the inhabitants of these magnificent host locations, who give everyone the opportunity to get together and enjoy the beauty and magic of music and our mountains.

Mario Anzil

Vice-President and Assessor for Culture and Sport of the FVG Region

Tish year Carniarmonie succeeds once again in offering the mountain territory a high-level cultural event with a double value: satisfying a need for widespread cultural tourism with a low environmental impact, and at the same time proposing events in an area that rarely presents such opportunities during the year. Thanks to the constant commitment of Fondazione Luigi Bon, which organises the festival, we will also reach small, beautiful and often little-known towns. I would also like to point out that Carniarmonie alternates great names in national and international concert music with young artists trained in the region, thus giving space to the new generation of our talented musicians.

Claudio Mansutti

Artistic Director Carniarmonie

The Festival begins with the eagerly awaited return of the great cellist Mario Brunello together with the FVG Orchestra, who will take us on a discovery of an almost unknown author, but one of great emotional impact, just as beautiful and often little-known are the venues of Carniarmonie. For the 32nd edition, we will also remember two anniversaries: that of Callas with a very special project in which we will be able to hear her voice again, and that of Rachmaninov with a concert for two pianos. There will be a focus on the music culture of the Czech Republic thanks to the 'Apollon' string quartet-in-residence, which will let us hear performances by composers from a nation that has always invested the most in classical music. This is also thanks to the incredible number of orchestras present and a widespread culture from an early age.

Fondazione Luigi Bon
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