Fondazione Luigi Bon
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Historic House Museum La Mozartina


The distinguished composer Giovanni Canciani (1936-2018) – an artistic and humane soul of great depth, an intellectual expert in music, composition, the art of organ and harpsichord making, and a wise and learned man in various fields of knowledge – donated many marvels to Carnia and Friuli. One of these is the Historic House Museum La Mozartina in Paularo, one of the most popular private museums in the Friuli region, established by him in 1993 in the 18th-century Scala house. A resonant museum that preserves the history of keyboard instruments via very valuable and functional exhibits. These include a very rare Testa organ from 1650 and a vast range of pianos of different mechanical types, from the 18th to the 20th centuries. In addition, there are three harmoniums, a harpsichord, two zithers, an Erard harp, an 18th-century Glockenspiel, a 16th-century lute, and other very precious instruments. An extraordinary collection that matches La Mozartina 2 in Borgo San Antonio, again founded by Canciani. This is enriched by other works of art, including a painting by the school of Raphael, a Genovesino, a Giordano, a Carducci’s manuscript, and scores by Michael Haydn, Mozart, Salieri, and others. There are also prints, etchings, illuminated manuscripts, chasubles, including one that belonged to father John Bosco, an archive of rare documents and a very well stocked library.


Photography by Ulderica Da Pozzo

Fondazione Luigi Bon
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