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Parish Church of Santa Maria Maggiore


Among Pontebba’s architectural beauties, the parish church of Santa Maria Maggiore is surely worth mentioning, the custodian of the splendid wooden winged altarpiece (“Flügelaltar” in German). The name derives from the fact that it consists of a central body with two movable doors. This late-Gothic altar is dated 1517 and is probably the masterpiece of Heinrich of Villach.

The quality of the engravings seems to indicate that it is truly the work of the same master and that it is a prototype, of unequalled quality, for a series of altars. These have a similar arrangement and are spread out across various Austrian churches. Both the wooden sculptures and the paintings denote a certain Italian Renaissance influence, taking on a lighter and more naturalistic aspect. In terms of execution, the altar is distinguished by its superb, highly sophisticated technique, even in the smallest details, which are meticulously realized.


Photography by Ulderica Da Pozzo

Fondazione Luigi Bon
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