Fondazione Luigi Bon
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Linussio Palace


As for all of Carnia, the 18th century was an extraordinary one for Tolmezzo too, in which the unforgettable textile entrepreneur Jacopo Linussio played an historic role. For one hundred years, his weaving factory was the driving force of the local economy. Approximately 30 thousand bolts were produced there each year, which were sold not just throughout Europe, but in Asia and South America too. Jacopo Linussio thus chose to build a grand architectural complex that acted both as textile factory and residence for his family. It was completed in 1741 according to the design of the architect Domenico Schiavi of Tolmezzo. The façade boasts a bas relief with the Linussio shield; inside the residence, there is the sitting room with frescoes.

Fondazione Luigi Bon
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