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Moggio Udinese
"Romano Treu" Community Centre
17 / 08
Saturday 17 August 2024 - Hour 20.00

Basma Jabr voice
Mohannad Nasser oud
Oscar Antolì clarinet and bass clarinet, kaval
Judith Ferstl double bass
András Dés percussions

"Furat" is the Arabic name for the Euphrates River in Mesopotamia, which flows through Syria and Iraq, among other places, and is also an Arabic feminine name. The singer and former architect Basma Jabr emigrated from Syria in 2015 and lives in Vienna. With her program "Furat," she sheds light on an exciting period of Arabic music from 1920 to 1960. The songs sung by women during that period inspired her to revive the strong female voices of the Arab world in a modern sound. With Jabr's delicate yet powerful voice and Nasser's unique spiritual approach, they form a fascinating and harmonious duo that takes listeners on an emotional and musical journey through different worlds of Arabic, jazz, and flamenco music. Jabr, the Eastern lady, aims to continue the work of these great singers. Her music respects and preserves their rich legacy while reaching out to contemporary audiences. It's a beautiful musical journey that blends tradition and modernity.


Before the concert, the meeting "On the paths of Europe." Connected to the 27 stages of the eponymous show of the GO! 2025 Project, which includes - between Austria, Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia - performances in their respective languages with protagonists Muhammad ‘Abd Al-Mun’im, Mattia Cason, and Alessandro Conte. The dancer/actor, choreographer, and director Mattia Cason, drawing from this experience, leads the dialogue between the musician Basma Jabr and the editor, writer, and poet Muhammad ‘Abd Al-Mun’im, both Syrians, to explore their human and artistic journeys between Asia and Europe.

In collaboration wiyh vicino/lontano mont and Via Iulia Augusta Kultursommer.

"Romano Treu" Community Centre

Moggio Udinese is a nice place for a lovely walk, where you can still admire examples of manor and Liberty architecture. Here there is also the characteristic Borgo Linussio, located in the village of Glerie, near the Aupa river. At the wishes of Jacopo Linussio from Paularo, this became the site of the family’s factory in 1717, thus reviving home weaving and spinning in Carnia and in Canal del Ferro. Music and melody have always conquered hearts in Moggio, the cradle of the musician and composer Vittorio Franz, but also of other musicians and more. It will suffice to recall the master lute maker Mario Tolazzi, whose instruments are played at the J. Tomadini Music Conservatory in Udine.


Photography by Ulderica Da Pozzo

Friuli Venezia Giulia and its mountains have endless treasures to discover!


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