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Church of San Giorgio Martire
20 / 07
Saturday 20 July 2024 - Hour 20.30

Emanuela Battigelli harp
Luisa Valeria Carpignano piano


F. BELLOTTA First performances in the modern era

The eco of Etna - Pastoral - Fantasie about Il Rigoletto

Great Fantasie about Lucrezia Borgia

M. ÅM All I Meet is Caresses


R. HAHN Prèlude, Valse et Rigaudon

Gelsomina Naclerio, an academic of Santa Cecilia, speaks of Bellotta: “We would have many beautiful compositions for harp if misfortune had not befallen the poor Palermo native Bellotta, who went mad. Few of his compositions remain, but they are of a simple, lively style, marked by his brilliant genius.” In his music, we find original compositions of great imaginative force and fantasy, where the harp sings and virtuosity is accompanied by great emotional and expressive intensity. To complete this interesting and unusual program, there are pieces by not very well-known but deserving composers, such as the Venezuelan Reynaldo Hahn and the contemporary Norwegian Åm.


6.00 p.m. Appointment with “Living Books Library” - Lupieri Palace

In collaboration with Melius srl. - impresa sociale

Church of San Giorgio Martire

Though it's a small town, Preone relies on a very united community and offers numerous reasons for a visit. Its name recalls that it was one of the very first human settlements in Carnia and it is referenced in the name of Preondactylus Buffarinii, one of the oldest Pterosaurs ever found in the world. This was one of the extremely important fossils (shrimps, fish, plants, small reptiles) found in the paleontological area of the Seazza river.

In the area, there are also the Arzino springs and waterfalls, a pristine jewel of nature set in fairytale beech woods, and the Vallo Littorio fortifications.

The church of San Giorgio Martire houses numerous fine frescoes, including those by Antonio Taddio (19th century), the Annunciation by Andrea Orsaria, Saint George and the Dragon by Giacomo Tesari (dating back to 1945), and the Crucifixion by Palma il Giovane (around 1570).


Photography by Ulderica Da Pozzo

Friuli Venezia Giulia and its mountains have endless treasures to discover!


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